Smolik Performance Minarelli Hybrid + Racing Pipe

Smolik Performance Minarelli Hybrid + Racing Pipe

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The 70cc Minarelli hybrid brings Italian scooter technology into the motorized bicycle world. With five transfer ports and optimized port timing, these engines love high rpms! They are built specifically with performance in mind.

These engines use a Minarelli flat reed valve that flows directly into the case. Combined with a CNC spacer plate and intake design, you get nearly all the benefits of a case reed all with the stock case.

The bottom end (crank) has been completely blueprinted with upgraded bearing, a fully balanced and trued crank.

Engine comes with stock head.


  • The intake is designed to fit a Mikuni VM20 or similar with 50mm intake spacing;
  • Exhaust bolt spacing is 48mm;
  • Recommended spark plug: NGK - B8HS or BRHS;
  • Cast iron cylinder bore;
  • These cylinders, with Minarelli Racing Pipe and 10/36 gearing, can reach dangerous speeds. Please use caution.